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Booth Options


Price Per Title

  1. Top Shelf – $20
  2. 2nd Shelf – $25
  3. 3rd Shelf  – $20
  4. 4th Shelf  – $15
  • Bookshelves are only for display of books.
  • If you are an exhibitor this can be used to drive people to your booth
  • If you cannot attend the Expo this can be used to drive people to your website, or online sales distribution.
  • Shelves can be hired by the metre and the number of books displayed will be dependent on size of book.  Contact us direct to arrange.
  • Shelf heights can be varied.
  • All books should have a typed label inside the front cover listing
    • Current retail price
    • Link to where the book can be currently purchased. This would be best as a QR code.
    • Find out about QR codes here
  • Books will not be returned unless return postage is included. Books from the shelves will be:
    • Offered to Bloggers attending the Bloggers conference and their details will be passed along to publishers or authors.
    • Offered for a discounted price from midday Sudnay to attendees. Funds will be deposited to bank accounts in Australia, Paypal accounts for over seas or donated to the charity supported by the Expo.
    • Books will then be donated to a local library or school, as appropriate.

Please click here to book shelf space





Price – $350   Free Tickets – 10

  • 1 x Curved Info Counter  – L1400mm x D500mm x H 1030mm
  • 1 internal shelf – 1 x Bar Stool – 1 x Company Name Sign

Please click here to book your booth

professional counter


$350 Full Table   Free Tickets – 10

$175 Half Table  Free Tickets – 5

  • 1.8m Trestle Table – H 730mm X D750mm –
  • 2 chairs per full table – 1 chair per half table

Please click here to book your booth


BOOTH - 2 X 2

Price – $650   Free Tickets – 10

  • 2.4mH x 2m wide Velcro-compatible fabric covered walls in Black. 1m side walls.
  • 1x Single PowerPoint every 2 Stands
  • PowerPoint is positioned on the joining wall between stands
  • 1  Trestle Table L1800mm x H730mm X D750mm
  • 2 x Chair
  • Options – Signage showing company name at cost of $32 + GST
  • Please click here to book your booth
  • 2x2

    BOOTH 3 X 3


    Price – $1950  Free Tickets – 20

    • 2.4mH Black Velcro-compatible fabric covered walls
    • Polished aluminium fascia, 300mm deep on all aisle frontages
    • All open aisle frontages will have a fascia sign consisting of company name and stand number.
    • Standard lettering in colour (max 30 characters)
    • 2x Track spotlights per 9sqm
    • Lights are mounted on the inside of the front fascia
    • 1x Single Powerpoint per stand, positioned in the rear corner
    • Furniture – 1 x trestle table & 2 chairs

    Please click here to book your booth


    Download these pages from here – Booth Options at 2016


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