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Sponsorship Opportunities

Item Detail Number Offered Value
1 Show Sponsorship – Level C

§  Show tickets


Logo on show ticket I only $250


2 Show Sponsorship –  Level A

§  Cafe Table

§  Toilet mirrors

§  Foyer Banners


1  of each $500


Art work to be provided

3 Show Sponsorship – Level B

§  Lanyards

§  T-shirts

§  Outdoor directional banner

1 of each $2500
4 General Sponsorship


Logo on website sponsor page and newsletters, email footer.   $250 3


5 Preferred Supplier When invoice is sent to new exhibitors –

–         You will be mentioned as a preferred supplier

–         Links will be placed in the email

–         Links on  newsletters and emails footer as preferred supplier

–         Full Page articles on website as preferred Suppliers

–         Reminders in Newsletters


6 Conference Sponsorship

·        Getting Published

·        Bloggers

·        Pitchfest Australia

·        Logo Display on Website and Event Guide and all communication material

·        In foyer of Expo

·        Conference Rooms

·        Listed as a Preferred Supplier (if applicable)

·        One full page on Website

·        Monthly Article in Newsletter


1 per Conference $2500 per conference


7 Brochure Display


Your Brochures on a table within the Foyer & show bags (3000) $100 in foyer only

$500 for foyer & showbag


8 Floor decals – to booth


From Foyer to your booth 1 only $500
9 Illustrators Area 9 x 12m Area

Set aside for illustrators to interact with the children, teach drawing skills and promote their books

1 only $3500.00
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