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Free  - Concept Artists

Production Art Department – A new way to learn concept art, storyboarding and comic book illustration for the entertainment industry.

news_textimage01  8 December at 7:00 PM

Join them for their FREE nights – meet Dane Hallett Prop Designer and Concept Artists



Wild Eyed Press – A wonderful Publisher from WA who specialises in high-quality children’s books. The books promote awareness of imagination and caring while promoting Australian animals and living in the bush and some of our more remote areas.

We have reviewed 5 of our favourites here. With notes for Parents and Teachers


Our favourite is DIlly Dally All Day Long – this book depicts the children heading to the billabong to swim. A must read to understand bush lazy days in the bush as a kid,


Business/Psychology Books - Book Review


The Face Within Book Cover (3D Mock-up)   Sue Lester – The Face Within

If you feel that you are sabotaging your own life by repeating the same mistakes again and again then you need to face your inner self and change the blueprint that you have unconsciously written. Many people will want to resist the fact that you, yourself, are the problem with the bad luck, mistakes and wrong choices that may plague your life. Do the first exercise and then read the first paragraph to see if this book will help you .

Authors – Dealing with Bookshops

Be professional and see your distribution grow as bookshops happily deal with you. See more here 






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