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Review - Chip by Kylie Howarth

When you are banned from your favourite food, it's time to be creative!



Chip by Kylie Howarth

Anyone who has eaten hot chips on the beach knows the squawking, noisy seagulls and just how brazen they can get about grabbing that chip.

Kylie perfectly portrays this experience and the outcome of the rude behaviour of the seagulls. The lovely twist at the end which sees the gulls recover their meals is delightful.

While Kylie does not use rhyme or repetitive lines to help the young ones to read she does repeat words within the story and one large paragraph. The story is written in an expressive way which will make it a delight to read for adult readers and as it runs through a range of emotions can allow from sadness and excitement as Chip loses his favourite food and comes up with a triumphant solution.

The illustrations are large and expressive and suit the story beautifully. There is not use of primary colours but great perspectives and imaginative use of additional words in signs and posters to get children to add ideas to the story and look for clues.

This book could easily become a bedtime favourite for both parents and children as it is a nice length to read and can be added to through looking at the illustrations.

This book will be on sale in March 2016 at $19.95 from Five Mile Press Publishing.



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