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The Boy

Why was Jamie involved in another murder? Inspector Max Brann was unsure it was coincidence.


20160228_173517Gary Clarke, the author has a background in research and developing new technology, this is apart from his history of directing two short films and a number of documentaries.

I opened the book expecting a fast paced mystery full of new science and technology. Instead, I found an old school detective, who is questioning his time in the police and feeling sidelined, suddenly drawn back into an old, virtually cold case.

The plot occasionally slows but over all the moves along well as Inspector Max Brann deals with Jamie and young boy who hasn’t spoken a word since seeing the murder of his family from a hiding spot and Jamie’s recent find of a woman’s body in a quarry.

Is the only link Jamie or is there a more sinister link?

Gary’s characters are well drawn and believable. The plot is not overly complicated, which makes the books perfect for a good lazy Saturday afternoon read.



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