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Exhibitors Time To Register

Don't miss out - Book Now

Exhibitors: Time To Register Your Spot

Book Expo Australia is opening for bookings for the third year. We are at a new venue which offers free parking to attendees, wonderful natural light, easy entry for disabled attendees and an open floor plan.

We will be taking advantage of the open plan by keeping the walls around the interactive areas down to waist height, this will allow parents to keep an eye on their children in areas and wander among the surrounding exhibitors.

Our improved website will heavily promote exhibitors and the program of events over the weekend. Individual exhibitors may also have a program on their page highlighting author visits and discount hours, workshops or Q and A’s you may be involved in over the weekend.

We will be sending out regular newsletters leading up to the Expo, contact us find out prices.

We are reviewing books from exhibitors leading up the Expo and if you would like to be included on the review page please contact us.

Don’t miss out on the full marketing campaign leading up the Expo. Book you booth today and take advantage of the early bird discounts.

Book on the registration form on the new site here. Exhibitor Booking Form



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